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So happy to announce…

… my first art and homeschooling blog! I do hope all of you will comment, follow, and share ideas with me on my journey.

My ultimate decision arrived when Christmas break ended; January 2017. My oldest daughter was in 5th grade at our local public school. My youngest daughter was in 3rd grade at the local elementary school. My oldest unfortunately has issues with anxiety. After Christmas break, it was worsening. She went from a fun loving tween to a school refusing tween in a matter of time. We had issues such as this in 4th grade; but summer arrived and we worked with a therapist.

I made the ultimate decision to withdraw her from public school. I didn’t want my youngest to fall behind or feel left alone so I made the decision to withdraw her as well. To make a long story short; she would have been enrolled in the same middle school as my oldest when she reached 5th grade.

I started learning so many things that were going on at the middle school; extensive bullying, violence, drug use, & sex. I acted quickly and began the search for a cover school. We found a wonderful place that we still homeschool through today. The staff is amazing with a capital “A” !

First and foremost; this was my decision & my daughters alone. I do not condemn public schools or parents that choose that path for their families. It wasn’t the path for us. I told my girls; even if that isn’t our path through your entire middle and high school education careers, that will be ok too. Some days, the thought that their education lies in my hands unsettles me. I am able to erase those thoughts with the rewarding experiences we share; them also knowing that I am here for them. There will be days that I share the ups, the downs, the laughs, the cries, the rewards, & the fails. Most of all; I will be able to witness it all.

From time to time, I will share resources, blogs, articles, and anything I research on homeschooling. Also my personal experiences as a new homeschooling mom and what style we decide upon.

Share with me your journey through homeschooling. What curriculum do you use? Are you thinking about starting homeschooling for your family? What are your fears about beginning this new chapter? Are you unschooling? What style did you decide upon?


Until then–